KidsSpeak is changing the way languages are learnt!

It was in 2006 that we began our journey to solve these issues and create an engaging, student centred way of learning.

We believe if children experience an active and enjoyable class, then not only are the learning outcomes met but a hunger for more starts to take place. It starts to stick, becomes memorable, and students grow to be more confident in using the language. This means students walk away with a feeling of success, achievement and accomplishment.

Because they can, can´t they?


KidsSpeak is FUN!
Kids LOVE coming to English classes without them even realising they are learning.

It’s effective!
Your kids actually SPEAK. Kids are given multiple reasons to produce the language in context.

KidsSpeak is unforgettable
We unleash worlds of imagination and repetition which leads to long term retention.

Teachers love it
It gives teachers the tools to deliver quality language classes with minimal preparation and maximum results!

Successful team
With over 10 years of experience, our team of teachers and trainers provide the support and advice needed to launch and deliver SUCCESS.

It utilizes all 4 different learning styles and language skills.

Student centred
Encourages active involvement and group work promoting